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New Books In The New Normal

Now, when I began this website in early 2020 the plan for 'The Island That Didn't Exist' was to launch in May. It was, you don't need me to tell you, a different world back then. How little we knew in February....

As a debut author I was booking leave from my job for school visits and the associated activity that seemed so perfectly routine at the time. I am writing this in July with bookshops reopening and schools trying to plot a path to do the same. Publishing, like so many things (in fact - everything) is plunged into its own uncertainties.

But 'The Island That Didn't Exists' still proclaims its existence! It is officially released in August 2020 and proudly aims to be a novel for anyone aged 9 and over with a desire to be excited by 'what comes next' !? That is the particular thrill that only comes with books. The author writes the plot but the reader turns the page....and takes control in the process.

Well, that's how I see it anyway.

I have switched my promotional activity online with the help of so many enthusiastic and committed book people. We are doing what is known, I believe, as a blog tour. All we can do is adapt and take moments of joy when we find them. What a delight, for instance, to discover a facemask which matches, almost perfectly, the artwork from the book....

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